Pregnancy after infertility

Pregnant after infertility? 

Pregnancy after infertility can present a mix of emotions. While the relief sets in that you are finally building your family, often with it comes fear and panic too. This back and forth can feel complicated for someone who wished for this moment for so long. 

Are you ready for The next step?

You've already been through a lot. Infertility, treatment, lots of ups and downs emotionally, and now you are facing another unknown, pregnancy and parenthood. 

While you've been dreaming of this day for so long it can also create a mixture of emotions. Coming down off the roller coaster of an infertility diagnosis, costly treatment, and maybe a pregnancy loss. 

Suddenly, with all the excitement of a pregnancy you become acutely aware of how much there is to lose, it can feel hard to relate to others who conceived naturally, and you are conflicted why your fear is stilling lingering even with success.

Pregnancy and the transition to parenthood after infertility

You aren't the only one feeling this way....

This is for you if:

You experienced infertility

you conceived naturally

YOu want to prepare for whats next

YOU've got it all figured out

you feel alone and confused

It's probably not for you if...

YOU'RE not interested in extra support

How to start processing the infertility journey you just endured prior to pregnancy, what still lingers...

Learning how to trust your body after the realization that sometimes it doesn't work like you expected.

Coping with the flip-flop of emotions that stick around post fertility treatments

Utilizing your resources on this side of infertility and how it might look different than it did that side

How to start rediscovering your body and sense of self post infertility, pregnancy and birth

How to start the tender conversations about baby No2 or what to do with unused embryos

In this course we will cover...


Heading into a situation feeling unprepared or weary of what you've just experienced can leave you feeling alone and more fearful than confident. Let's flip that script.

“Thank you for preparing me for the transition to my OB, I didn't realize how the change of office space would affect me”

- a fertility patient

A course of practical information to keep you focused and confident as you venture into this new territory. A course with coping skills, resources, and tips for talking with your partner as you prepare ahead. All the professional clinical support in one place.

Pregnancy and Parenthood after Infertility


We will take a deep dive into the process of trusting again, your body, your partner, your medical provider. Trust becomes crucial as you move into parenthood and start to process your experience of infertility which turned trust upside down. 

You might have lost sight of yourself along the way to get pregnant. It might be time to step outside of the baby-making-tunnel-vision and step into finding yourself again as you enter parenthood.

Here's What You'll Learn



Feature One

Feature Two

Sometimes your need for connection looks different on this side of infertility than it did on that side. We will take a look at the power of connection, from your partner and others close to you as you prepare for birth and those early mornings and long nights. 


Feature Three

Let's break it down

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First this

Watch at your own pace in your own place.

Then this

Take it one day at a time, with new tools, new strategy, and hopefully some new courage.

Then this

A better understanding of pregnancy after infertility and the transition to parenthood

How does this sound?

How knowledge is power and working ahead helps put that power to work



You will learn:

Keys to feeling more confident and embracing this part of life you worked so hard for


How to cope smarter not harder. Learning to use what you've already got


About some fun freebies included with your course purchase to keep yourself focused on what matters


Pregnancy and parenthood can be quite a challenge regardless of how the baby was conceived, however, for those that endured fertility treatments the experience can feel different. The pain and uncertainty you witnessed first-hand can come bubbling up even after conception. It can feel like no one really gets it.

Anticipation: Cue all the feels.

but plenty of people get it and say the same thing too

Lots of big feelings...

One less thing to worry about, one less thing to figure out on your own

all in one place, at your own pace, and in your own space

For One Payment 

my one-of-a-kind pregnancy and parenthood course, full of information and tips as you head into parenthood

A step by step handout to help you begin to articulate your infertility journey

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You've got this.

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This course is the only one of its kind because...

It encompasses the voices of many people just like you

Not many people share how the experience of pregnancy and parenthood can feel unique and different compared to those who conceived naturally. For some, it's only subtle differences, for others it can feel like two different planets.   

Whether you anticipate it or not, some things from your journey to parenthood can surface and it's best to be ready with tools to tackle those feelings--no more surprises--at least let's try and keep those to a minimum. 

This course offers tips and mindset shifts gathered from my years of  clinical work with others who conceived after infertility to help outline possible areas that can feel triggering and ways to navigate it in the moment.  

It offers resources from a professional

Sometimes by the time you arrive at pregnancy you are exhausted of your feelings and the up and down roller coaster you just got off of to make it to this point.

Maybe you don't feel like you have the time, funds, or emotional energy to engage in weekly therapy but want to feel empowered and confident heading into birth and parenthood.

This course helps provide all the professional information that can assist you in processing those left over feelings of infertility at your own pace and in your own space.

There's always room for more self-growth

Join me--at your own pace and in your own space 

As you begin to process your experience with infertility and set goals for yourself in the future, it can be hard to know where to start. 

This step-by-step handout works as a guide to help you identify areas to strengthen in yourself and your relationship with your partner. You can set goals and make concrete steps to accomplish them before baby arrives!

Grab your course today and get a step-by-step handout to flip the script

Free digital

Self inventory


I say this about every course!  These courses encompasses my desire to help empower women during some of the most delicate moments in their life--the time where they likely start to question their worth, their identity and maybe their romantic relationship. Unfortunately, not everyone has time and resources to commit to weekly therapy, so I created this course to fit into your life with flexibility, accessibility, and a whole lotta luck.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like millions of others, you need help to take your super power to the next level.

You're in the right place and you're doing great.

I'm Dr. Koser, but call me Kristy.

I've got years of personal and professional experience working with fertility issues. I've presented around the country, helped train other counselors, I've written articles, book chapters, and even started my own greeting card company years ago. 

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For One Payment 



An original best-selling digital TTC Greeting card ready to fill for someone you love

1 payment of $49

You've got this.

you'll get

A total value of $300!

Spending a little time understanding your difficult road to parenthood can set you up for greater success in this major life transition. Lingering feelings of fear, denial, anger, or maybe hurt from your partner will resurface (it always does!) if it's not attended to. Do yourself a favor and start to repair these tender places, so you can focus on what really matters.

Now is the time to start making sense of the past so you can focus on your future.

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