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Dr Kristy created these signature courses for those wanting extra support but do not have time, funds, or availability to meet for weekly therapy. This option offers all the professional support in one place--at your own PACE and in your own SPACE.

It's time for a change ...

IVF from A to Z

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Online self-paced course

Pregnancy after Infertility 

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online self-paced course

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There is no easy fix, flip the switch, or wake-up-on-the-other-side solution when it comes to ivf. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer through the entirety of ivf or lose sight of yourself and your future.

Pregnancy after infertility can present a mix of emotions. While there is relief, often with it comes fear and panic too. This back and forth can feel complicated for someone who wished for this moment for so long. 

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