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Professional and remote clinical services


Professional and remote clinical services 

Aporia Counseling & Psychotherapy, PLLC offers individual psychoanalysis, fertility counseling, third-party ART consultations and psychological evaluations.

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Dr. Kristy Koser, LPCC


Dr. Kristy Koser provides fertility counseling, psychological evaluations, and intended parent consultations
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Dr. Nate Koser, LPCC


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Dr. Nate Koser provides Lacanian psychoanalysis, professional consultation, and control supervision

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Drs. Nate and Kristy Koser have over 15 years of experience working in the mental health field. Both have spent extensive time teaching in graduate programs, facilitating clinical supervision, writing and publishing professional articles and book chapters, as well as presenting at national and international conferences around the world.

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Located in Ohio, but offering services around the country, Aporia provides clinical psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, consultation, psychological evaluation, and education for patients and professionals.

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 Aporia Counseling & Psychotherapy, PLLC, offers a combination of professional services drawing from advanced training, the arts, philosophy, attachment theory, Lacanian psychoanalysis and professional, academic teaching.  

A Quick Guide to Understanding Your Communication Cycle

If you're in a relationship, then you've got a communication cycle. Download Dr. Kristy's quick guide to help you understand that communication cycle and where you get stuck.


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